Penns Dental Recruitment

Welcome to the Penns Dental Recruitment App. The Penns Dental Recruitment App is a fantastic way to check in & out of sites for all people associated with Penns Dental Recruitment. It also offers a simple way for anyone wishing to be connected with Penns Dental Recruitment to stay in touch.

Alongside the mobile App we provide a CMS for your admin / consultants to view and use in head office. With the CMS you will be able to:
• View time-sheets submitted by staff on location with automated client invoices generated.
• View expenses forms submitted by staff on location.
• Add and manage bookings on a bookings calendar with automated booking confirmation messages sent to the staff and client also.
• Upload staff compliance documents that are view-able by the client on location.
• Send manual and scheduled push notifications direct to your staff mobile phones.